We Know How

Whether you need to store internal human resources data, host corporate guidelines and policies online, exchange translation content with external parties, or maintain immediate access to corporate documents and financial records, our TransCEND tool provides the ideal solution.

Information Rights Security

Protect Your Data Wherever it Goes

Our award-winning intelligent document protection technology, helps organizations achieve their security, privacy, and compliance objectives through innovative advanced enterprise rights management software.

Enterprise Content Control

TransCEND VDR Provides a Hybrid Solution
SAAS Convenience with on Premise Security

 Powerful, highly configurable, customizable
 Cost effective, better service and support


Multi-jurisdictional hosting capabilities

Options for full-scale enterprise deployment or individual on-demand modules

SSAE 16 SOC 2 & ISO 27001 certified private infrastructure

Customizable solutions for enterprises of all sizes

24/7/365 global support with a response time of under five minutes

Compliant with Safe Harbor / Privacy Shield regulations

Project Management

The Better Way to Manage Translation Projects

Centralize your translation management in an easy-to-use platform.

Data Centers Solutions

TransCEND Virtual Data Room Offers Clients Uninterrupted Secure Access to Data



Active Clustering

Cluster multiple servers to ensure users have access to your business critical data in the event of hardware failure.

Distributed Load

We use load-balancing technology (both hardware and software) to distribute load across our data center cluster.


Our data center platform integrates with industry-leading technologies for database clustering and shared file systems to minimize single points of failure.


Increase Concurrent User Capacity

Each node in our data center cluster increases capacity for concurrent users without sacrificing performance.

Application Resilience

Increase application throughput to avoid performance degradation in the event of load spikes.

Increased Efficiency

Dedicated nodes for automated tasks (i.e., reporting or integrations) ensure critical teams within your organization benefit from optimal performance levels.


Hassle-Free Deployment

New nodes can join the cluster without downtime. Existing nodes automatically synchronize with each new member.

Rapid Re-Indexing

Quickly re-index the application without locking the system, ensuring maximum uptime.

Predictable Costs

Our hosted solution is licensed by user count and data size, not by the number of servers or CPUs, so you can scale your environment without additional license costs.

Keep Your Documents Safe and Secure with TransCEND Virtual Data Room Solution

How Do We Keep You Safe?

Singleminded Focus on Security

Dedicated Development Team

Emphasis on Agility & Ease of Use